Monday, April 5, 2010

grandpop's empty house

These photos are from my final walk through my grandparents house before it went to settlement. I hadn't been back there for months and decided to meet my mom there for one last go through & of course, had to bring my camera. It was amazing to walk through this empty house which held so many memories for me. nothing had really changed. it was quiet & peaceful, exactly as it always had been. the energy was still all there.

after taking photos and visiting every nook i felt a sense of relief knowing that this was a nice little home that a woman and her family were moving into. it felt okay to let go. it felt right. i met her and wished her the best.

you can't plan closure & i didn't but i certainly got it that day.

i love you, 411. & i'll never forget all that love in those walls.


Pete Hoge said...

A lucky person will live there
and experience residual positive

Stephanie said...

I love these pictures.

nancy said...

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