Wednesday, April 27, 2011

and it'll raise questions again. the preggo suit,
the sadness-no, it's not about abortion and
this time, it's not about surgery.

and it's all cyclical...pain, sadness, happiness, hope,
art, pain, sadness, happiness, hope, art, pain...

and so it is...
the patron saint of losing what you never had.

(the black object in my hand is a remote)

Friday, April 22, 2011


my friend lynda atop the mountain of clothing donations at thrift for aids in philly.
she's one of the best dressed gals that i know and it no surprise she has a job as a sorter here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

florida pit stops.

since i have a show this summer that will most likely focus on smut vendors
i've been keeping my eye peeled for the like.

i managed to get some shots while i was in florida. my new aunt had no problem driving me
by to stop off for some snaps. this is one reason we get along so well. she's laid back and not judgmental.

her and her son had me cracking up talking about "the diner" where girls serve lunch topless.
i'm not exactly sure what goes down inside but here are a couple shots from the outdoors.

i met a nice old man out there and chewed the fat with him for a minute. he wasn't even weirded out that i was taking photos of this joint.

life is good.

waffle house

i always wanted to eat at a waffle house but my mom told me it was a greasy spoon
and it turned me off. it's so weird the things that stick in my head.

they're all over florida and there was one across from my hotel room in orlando.
i had begun making jokes about them the minute i arrived. "oh, my room is right across
the street from the waffle house." they are more or less on every corner.

anyway, i still haven't eaten at one and when i told my mom, she said,
"oh, they are a greasy spoon but they're so delicious!"


i still skipped it. i was feeling fat.

after 1 a.m.

i think i want to focus on some pics at work after 1 in the morning.
this is my toughest hour on the weekends. people are at their drunken peak
and i have been running for hours serving them. there is a lot of ridiculousness
from 1 to 2 a.m. some picture taking might help me get through it.

this photo is from last week. a group of ladies suddenly have sandwiches after having
been drinking at my bar for hours. (we don't serve food) i ask this woman where she
got it & she tells me her niece had it in her pocketbook.

handbag sandwich. anyway, i had to take a picture.

on a side note, this partially uneaten sandwich was the last thing to get cleaned up that night since none of us employees wanted to touch it.