Wednesday, December 31, 2008

rodeo cowboy

this is jimmy pataway, rodeo cowboy.
by far, one of the most interesting characters i have met in philadelphia. 

I met him at a bar i worked in the late 90's. we had saloon doors where he would "bust in" several times until someone noticed his entrance. he would also demonstrate his calf roping expertise on a barstool if we introduced him properly. (ie we have jimmy pataway, calf roper number 129...etc) an amazing sight to see!

he is a retired calf roper from cowtown rodeo. you can often see him around town sporting his old numbers & chaps. If not he's always geared up in something interesting. my favorite choice for him are his silver platform boots.

i recently ran into him at the ing coffee shop on my way to work, where he bought me a coffee and i gratefully accepted.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Goals before the new year:
finish edits
post some work stuff
organize photo files

....actually getting there....
here are some more of D'arcy DeVille

Saturday, December 27, 2008


My grandfather is 93 years old. He lives on his own. he is an amazing man.

Last month he fell and fractured his spine. He's already up and running again. amazing.

while he was in rehab and in the hospital i was there everyday. when he returned home, i was there everyday until he told me not to be.

i started to see these things in his home, things that i saw everyday                                                                                                               when i grew up there and the new    things he's acquired since my grandmom has passed. 

i realized a couple things; i remember these things differently, even after seeing them the same day. and that these things will not be there forever.

my grandpop is my strongest artistic influence.  and now i want to try to start to capture the art that is in his home. the art that IS his home.

here are some of my first test shots.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

locust bar

some snapshot portraits I've been collecting of my customers...
come get yours taken.
mon & fri nights at 235 south 10th st.
cheap and weird always

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mi Lah

These are some images I took for the new vegetarian restaurant Mi Lah, located at 218 south 16th St., Philadelphia.

Most of the food is vegan with a couple vegetarian options and it is truly amazing! The have great hours
with lunch and dinner menus. 

Check it out! 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


44 is my new lucky number!

A unbelievable landslide victory...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Baseball America Politics

Just got in from work. 

A buzz is in the air in this town.

I was talking with a friend about baseball tonight & 
it was said that it's more than a sport. More than
simply enjoying the sport. Instead, it goes beyond and
becomes about community.  

There is something about an event that causes people 
who normally wouldn't associate with one another high five.  

There is something to be said when I'm in the quiet of my home
and I am compelled to run to the door to hear the honking and the screaming
until the wee hours of the night because, it makes me feel like
I'm sharing some happiness with fellow Philadelphians.
In any town, the community it creates is what america is about and that's
why baseball is such a great symbol of our country.

We needed this win & we deserved it. Our team has existed since
1893 while the Rays have been around since 1998. This is only our
second time with the championship title. I barely remember the first but, I 
remember all the stars on that team, they were heroes when I was a kid. 
Schmidt, McGraw, Rose, Maddox. Who could forget them? 
Now our 6 years olds have their heroes in the 2008 team.

My 93 years old Grandfather couldn't stop laughing he was so happy.
And that alone is worth it to me.

But, I am happy for my town, my fellow Philadelphians, My peeps in Jersey and of course, my team. 

Now, about another huge remarkable feat of victory...
We need a victory in the White House because we deserve that too.
So speaking of something that also embodies what this country is about, 
let's get out and vote on Tuesday. Don't forget, go early, plan ahead
what ever it takes. Just get there. Let's make a difference!