Sunday, February 28, 2010

my scar, myomechtomy

4 years ago to date i found a softball sized lump in my lower abdomen.
it was a fibroid tumor that had to be removed by the way of a procedure called a myomechtomy. this is the same a a cesarean section (c-section) from my understanding...only thing different is that you give birth to something much, much less beautiful.

i spent about 6 months sick, suffering from much stress and infection and fear along the way. the b/w photo is one of a few images i made during this time.
many people thought the project was about abortion.

with small fibroids a woman can have them lasered to be broken up and passed or laproscopic surgery but, mine was about a pound in weight so this surgery was the only way to remove it. which left a big scar.

and so i say to myself, scars are tough.

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