Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Burt/Bird Reynolds

Does anyone remember this centerfold? I grew up with it pasted to the back of my best friends basement door, compliments of her Mother.

It's making a comeback in my life.

My friend wants to make a new business card donning him in place of Burt.  Yes, a remake.

His name happens to be "Bird" -well, at least his moniker is Bird.  

He is changing his identity to "Bird Reynolds"...see where this is going?

All we need is the bear skin rug and we'll have the shot. I think were gonna be going with  "teddy bear" skin rug.

1 comment:

mlare said...

phenomenal. i can't wait to see it....bear skin rug eh? i'll be thinking of a way to get one. i'm trying to find a mounted deer head....along the same lines. hmmmm